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A paper diploma is a beautiful work of art and a time-honored symbol of a graduate’s accomplishment.

Unfortunately, graduates who have earned their qualification through years of study are now competing with fraudulent credential holders for positions in every industry. According to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, credential fraud is a multibillion-dollar criminal enterprise. Learn more …

As the leading producer of paper diplomas and certificates, CeCredential Trust has partnered with registrars and administrators across the United States to develop a transactional, digital credential that can be independently verified by the ultimate authority—you, the issuing institution.

The CeCredential is the solution educators have been seeking for years.

Secure Features

  • An exact digital version of your institution’s diploma or certificate.
  • Real-time, time and date stamped, fraud-proof validation via your institution’s own website.
  • Secured using Adobe digital signature technology, ensuring trust in the qualifications.
  • To prevent any potential fraud, the CeDiploma and CeCertificate cannot be printed.
  • Can be instantly revoked, protecting your institution’s name.

Digital Benefits

  • Protect the integrity of your institution’s name and credentials; the CeDiploma and CeCertificate can be independently authenticated through your School’s website by future employers, Governments, Agencies and anyone that wishes to validate the achievement.
  • Arm your students with a 21st century product that can give them a head start over their competition.
  • Give industry the confidence when employing your graduates—an easy way for them verify proof of education, and a document they understand without all the detail of a transcript.
  • Give your international students the document they need, a transcript is only readily accepted within the US and Canada.
  • Allows your students to share as often as they wish, send to employers and post to social media sites.
  • Rapid delivery to both domestic and international recipients.
  • Cost-effective addition to the paper diploma.

For more information about implementing the CeCredential program at your institution, call 1-800-373-6876 today.