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CeCredential Overview

As the market leader for the production of paper diplomas and certificates, nothing replaces the beauty and sense of accomplishment that these documents bring to the recipient.

However, industry has recognized the need to secure these important credentials such that they can be delivered in a timely manner. These digital credentials are now commonly referred to as eDiplomas.

An eDiploma allows for quick distribution of a credential with a certain level of associated security. There are many different types of eDiplomas, but none have the unique features of the CeDiploma or CeCertificate, which are the cornerstones for acceptability.

CeDiploma vs eDiploma

Exact Duplicate

A CeCredential is always an exact duplicate of the paper credential, leading to greater confidence in the marketplace.

This is not always the case with an eDiploma.

Unique Identifier

A CeCredential always has a unique serial number that can be shared and validated without providing the actual digital credential.

This is not always the case with an eDiploma.

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The seal that is securely printed on a paper diploma is woven into the very fabric of a CeCredential.

This is not typically the case with an eDiploma.

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Visual Cues

Borrowed from the banking industry, a CeCredential contains immediate visual cues to provide visual confidence in the credential.

This is not the case with an eDiploma.

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Real-time Validation

The CeCredential is the only digital credential that allows real-time, patent-pending validation through the issuing institution’s website.

This is never the case with an eDiploma.

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Create an audit trail

Each validation is time and date stamped to provide absolute proof of when the credential was verified by the institution.

This is never the case with an eDiploma.

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Why a CeDiploma & CeCertificate

For the University/College

  • Protect the integrity of your institution’s name and credentials, the CeDiploma and CeCertificate can be independently authenticated through your School’s website by future employers, Governments, Agencies and any other entity that wishes to validate the achievement.
  • Arm your students with a 21st century product that can give them a head start over their competition.
  • Give industry confidence when employing your graduates—an easy way for them verify proof of education, and a document they understand without all the detail of a transcript.
  • Provide your international students the document they require, a transcript is only readily accepted within the US and Canada.
  • The document is Digitally Signed and encrypted such that it is trusted and more readily accepted.
  • To prevent any potential fraud, the CeDiploma and CeCertificate cannot be printed.
  • The ONLY digital credential with an Apostille solution.

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For the Graduate

  • An official, secure and verifiable electronic version of the graduate’s accomplishment that can be shared for a lifetime!
  • Each CeCredential has a unique number that is the key to the graduate’s degree information for employers, agencies and more …
  • A graduate may provide their CeCredential number and School URL on their resume to expedite the verification process for potential employers.
  • Unlimited sharing with employers, family, friends and social media.

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