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Identity Verification

The implications of identity theft are not limited to financial transactions. Identity theft threatens our established conventions on every stage. In the social media age, where life is often on full display in digital public spaces, the use of others’ information for personal gain is all the more pervasive.

CeCredential Trust recognizes that very few names are unique. Therein lies the potential for fraud. While one can be sure that a CeCredential is authentic, has not been tampered with and is authorized by the issuing institution, it is still possible for someone to falsely present a credential as their own if it bears the same name.

CeCredential Validation Services with identity verification is the solution to identity theft in the credential sphere. Multilevel security mechanisms allow recipients to proactively guard their CeCredential, protecting their achievement and their name.

One level of security is good; two is better. Using a unique combination of information, CeCredential Trust has virtually thwarted would-be identity thieves.

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