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Visual Security With TruSeal

A credential is valuable only to the extent that it is trusted by a recipient. To this end, the CeCredential Trust Team felt it important to add security at every level, even to the look of the document. Studies show that visual feedback mechanisms help to bolster confidence in online transactions.

As the world’s most advanced electronic credential, each CeDiploma and CeCertificate incorporate several visual security cues:

    • TruSeal, a three-dimensional seal consistent with the paper version of a diploma or certificate, is engraved in every CeCredential as reassurance that the document is official and has been authorized by the issuing institution.
    • Disruptive filaments, similar to those used in banking documents, denote the many layers of security woven into this electronic credential, and differentiate a CeCredential from its paper sibling.
    • The characters in a CeDiD mimic those found on a bank check because, like a check, each sequence is a routing number to an individual’s personal achievement.

These graphical details distinguish the document from other electronic credentials, and are among numerous security features which make a CeCredential difficult to replicate.

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